Charcoal Fish 

Our mission is to make restaurant-quality, grilled Australian fish more accessible.  There has never been a simpler way to get fish on your dinner table (or picnic blanket).

The menu will feature Aquna Murray Cod from Griffith, NSW. Aquna produces Murray Cod with a beautiful clean, sweet flavour.

We have always championed diversity in the fish we use, but Charcoal Fish is about being dynamic and diverse with one fish. Just as a BBQ chicken shop offers only one kind of chicken we believe that by focusing on Murray Cod we will be able to put more effort and attention into sustainability, perfecting cooking methods and our hyper-seasonal salad and vegetable options.

Fish always carries a high level of expectation due to its price point. The generation before me grew up in an era where fish had always been relatively cheap and lesser celebrated.  Often thoughtlessly captured or processed fish, i.e. tap washing, trawling and then freezing etc., were dredged in batter and fried for the lowest price. Unfortunately, the damage this has done to perception when purchasing fish takeaway is not to spend more than $12 a portion. 

We are setting out to elevate the standards of fish and how we cook, prepare and store our fish, but we are also trying to create a fish shop that the next generation can walk into with their families.  A fish shop where the meal exceeds all expectations while remaining accessible.

Our guests will see the provenance, science, love and attention that has gone into creating their meal.

Why Murray Cod?

We want to deliver consistency in terms of product, price & sustainability. Using Aquna's Murray Cod allows us to do this.

The Murray Cod is pond grown so is not muddy tasting as you may remember wild caught river Murray Cod used to be. It is sweet with a firm flesh, grills well and and is stable for the journey home with the flesh remaining juicy and skin keeping crisp.  

Supply is consistent for us so we can offer this beautiful fish year round with no need to ever freeze the fish. Aquna has worked hard on its sustainability practices so we feel confident that we are making a positive impact with our support of this product. The Murray Cod also provides opportunities for an innovative use of all its parts (92%) in line with our sustainability practices.